Kitchen/Dining Room


This is how I felt for so many years, but now, the dream is coming true! (Andy as a one year old)


This is what my living room used to look like… Horrendous, but it was alright. We had a place to live, and it was definitely livable! It looks way worse, too, because at the time this photo was taken, I didn’t have an area rug laid down. The boy in this picture is Nicholas when he was around two years old. He’s now six years older than this! Noooooo!!!!

Now, remember that we’re in the process of switching the kitchen/dining room and living room around. So, here we go…

This is the same area that you see in the previous picture, and is now the dining room.

Beautiful wide plank boards



Dining Room Chandelier

FullSizeRender (100)

Chimney with crown molding- I think this is stunning!!


Kitchen area


Sink and Faucet


One big, one small- perfect for size for pots and pans on one side and cleaning my veggies on the other side. (And yes, there’s a dirty pan in my sink 😉





And this…drum roll please…is what my old kitchen looks like-

FullSizeRender (99)

Perfectly kitchen-able, but now I have a much-bigger kitchen (and way nicer!) Thank you God… with hands lifted up!

More photos coming soon!