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This has been an exciting summer for us! We’ve been waiting to renovate our home for nine years, and this is the summer that it’s getting done- ENTIRELY done!! God has been so good to us all these years, and this is just one more way that He has blessed us. Every time I look at my new kitchen, I can’t help but smile and thank Him for this. It’s only because of Him that we are able to have all that we do, and I’m so grateful. SO grateful.

On these pages, I will show you what our home used to look like, along with a photo of what it looks like now. You won’t believe the difference, I promise you! It really is shocking. Even more shocking because we have switched the kitchen/dining room and living room around. It looks incredible, and I can’t believe that it’s ours! Josh’s brother, John, who I’ve mentioned before, is our carpenter, and they are doing such a marvelous job.

Enjoy browsing through the photos, and as they continue demolishing and rebuilding our home, I’ll post more for you to see!