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Andy wants to grow up and be a dinosaur. No. I’m serious. I think he thinks he can be like those Brachiosaurus’ on “The Good Dinosaur” and be farming dinosaurs. Those are his two favorite loves- farming and, to be more precise, Triceratops.

This boy fits right in with his older brothers. He’s the little brother that always wants to be doing what they are and yes, even pestering them. Can you even imagine?

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He’s very possessive of his dinosaurs, though. All 50 of them. If anyone wants to get on his good side, they just need to get him a dinosaur. He will love them for the rest of his life. It doesn’t even matter how small or big- actually he prefers the smaller ones. And his lovey at night? Well, most kids would want a stuffed animal or a blanket to snuggle with in bed. His is this big dinosaur book. He rarely ever even looks at it in his bed. He just wants it there sitting beside him. It’s like the dinosaurs are protecting him at night or something? He DOES have a particular blanket that he likes to sleep with, as well, but the book is way more important to him. I guess that was a good purchase for Christmas last year.

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Andy has a little difficulty eating his supper each night. It really doesn’t matter what we’re having. He just doesn’t care about eating supper. Not sure why? He doesn’t even really snack before. The only incentive that seems to work for him is telling him he can’t go out to the barn to do chores with Daddy, if he doesn’t sit right up and eat. It usually takes quite a bit of prodding with him, but eventually, either he decides to eat, or he decides not to. On the nights that he decides not to eat right up, there are a lot of water-works as Daddy is getting ready to go out to the barn. It breaks Josh’s heart, too, because he loves having him out there with him. It’s so cute when Andy starts to put his bottom lip out, and tries to hold back the tears. It melts my heart, whenever I see this. But, he knows why he can’t go out, and he accepts it. The following night, he always sits right up and eats!

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Andy has a little shovel- a real one- that he helps Josh in the barn with. They feed the cows silage and spread sawdust around them and the chicken coop. Andy is always right alongside his Dad doing exactly what he does. I swear that Andy could go out and do the chores each day without Josh even being there. He’s only four.

As with our other boys, Andy has stayed home with me, while I’ve worked from home. He will be going to school in the fall- preschool. I’ve no idea how I’m going to handle this. This is my last baby going to school. Andy and I have started going to the gym almost every morning now. He goes to the childcare court- “Cradles and Crayons”, while I exercise. Although when it’s getting close to the end of the hour, I pick him up from there, and we go running some more around the loop. He loves it, and it’s good for him, too. He’s also getting to know some of the children there, and this has proven to be a good thing, too. I didn’t realize before how much of a loner he was, until we started going. He has a hard time talking with the other children, because he’s not used to it. Hopefully, he’ll be ready when school starts?

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So, being used to hearing all the stomping and roars through the house these past few years, I’m sure I won’t know what to do with myself when he’s at school. Maybe I should record him now, so I can play it while he’s gone? No, I think I’m all set…

Andy is such a character. He makes my heart grow bigger and bigger each day.

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“The most memorable days usually end with the dirtiest clothes.”- Kristen Welch”