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Jonny brings so much sunshine into our lives. His smile makes us smile and he’s all boy- ALL boy!

He loves super heroes and Legos. A LOT. He also loves to goof around and be so silly most of the time. He loves to get his brothers going (him, being the middle child) and knows just what buttons to push! He’s so sweet, though. He’ll be the one to randomly walk up to me and give me a tight squeeze around the waist, and then look up at me with that big sunny smile. He makes my heart melt! And then, “I love you, Momma!” Oh. My. Word.



Jonny will be the one to stand in knee-deep puddles outside, carry a stick around that’s bigger than him, and ride his bike in his bare feet. Either he’s just so full of boy or he just doesn’t think before he does anything. He thinks practically everything is a punching-bag- yes, even me. At least it’s not to my face.

I have to chuckle at him all the time. He’s always doing something that is outlandish and makes us wonder how he even thought about doing that to begin with. He has quite the imagination on him.



Jonny has a very soft heart, though, among all this hard-core boy stuff. He will be the first one to wonder why someone is sad or ask big important questions about Heaven and God- Satan is still a little too confusing to him. He can’t understand why anyone would want to be that mean. That’s fine with me, though. I want him to know as much about God and Heaven as he wants to know.




We were reading one of our children’s Bible books the other night, and we were reading about Adam and Eve. Of course, this always brings up interesting conversations with younger children, because they wonder why they’re not clothed. After a fairly long and complicated, age-appropriate reason for why they weren’t, I read on.

For some reason, the story didn’t go into Adam and Eve eating of the forbidden Tree of Life, and I felt that was pretty important, seems though this is why we all sin, now. So, I started telling them about it. Jonny was kind of upset about the fact that this “Satan-snake” would try to convince Eve to eat of this fruit, seems though God had already told them not to. Then, he thought that Eve was dumb to listen to him and eat it.

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I don’t think it really sunk into him that Adam and Eve are the result of why we are the way we are today. Obviously, the clothing part came up again, because that’s why we wear clothes today. So confusing to them! I tried to just keep the conversation to the other parts of the story instead. It’s kind of a complicated part of their lives to try and explain to a seven, six and four year old!

Jonny loves God. As with all of our children, he gets all excited, before each bedtime, knowing that we’re going to read a Bible story. I love this. I love it that my children love God and want to know more and more about Him. They don’t care to learn about Satan, and that’s alright with me, at least at this point in their lives. They just want to love God and love others.

I love this kid more and more with each passing day. Is this even possible?

“Of all animals, the boy is the most unmanageable- Plato”

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