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I have many loves in this world. Obviously, God, my hubby and boys come first and foremost, but there are other things besides these big, important ones that I love, as well.

I LOVE food. I love GOOD food, and I don’t mind spending a little bit of money to eat it. Every now and then, I come across someplace absolutely delicious and just have to share. If you’re like me and like to try new foods, then hop on board! I will show you around!

I also love to antique. I have several pieces in my own home, and will be adding some more, hopefully soon. We have a few local antique stores, and every now and then, I’m able to skip out and visit them. I ALWAYS find something I can’t live without! My hubby and I go on a couple trips throughout each year, so I will be letting you know which ones are my favorites, in case you would like to visit them yourself.

Shopping is always a fun time. I love to go shopping with my friends, and there really never seems to be a dull moment when we’re together. I have my favorite places to shop, such as H & M, J. Crew, Forever 21, Ulta, Pottery Barn, Target, The Children’s Place, etc… These stores always produce happiness in my heart and soul. Maybe you should check them out, too?

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