My Mom’s Recipe Box

The Box

*The Box


This is one of the most precious things in this world to me. It’s not much- it’s not even made that well, but it was my mom’s. This was the box where she held all of her recipes all of my childhood years. One of her dear friends had given it to her when her and my dad got married. When I was a teenager, she got a new recipe box and was going to throw this out. I couldn’t allow that! I scoffed it up. She couldn’t understand why I would want it, and I didn’t either, back then. I’m so glad I did…

I don’t use it for my recipes, because the cards that I use are too big for it. This is a rather small box. I will always cherish it, and maybe someday, be able to give it to one of my granddaughters. Unless, of course, all of my boys have boys, too. Then, I’ll have to figure something else out, I guess.


*Eggs in a box

Storybook Photography by Heidi