A new, delicious twist on Chicken Soup



This is one of my go-to dinners. It’s easy, delicious and so comforting (especially when most of the family is sick).


I love the colors of carrots and potatoes together. They’re so beautiful, especially when they’re simmering in golden butter!


Herbs are a must in this soup! They make it taste so delicious….


This is my box of spices, and this is only the very top that you see. It’s quite large and is full of yummy goodness! I love to support our local health food store- this is what I usually buy there.


Look at that beautiful bay leaf just floating around in there… Not sure why my other seasonings look black?! They’re green- trust me!


My very own bowl of chicken soup. It was delicious!


*2-3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, boiled in 2 cups of water

3 Tablespoons of butter

3-4 carrots, cut into bite size

3-4 potatoes, cut into bite size

Italian Seasoning

Granulated Garlic


1 Bay leaf

1 1/2 cups of whole milk or cream

Frozen Peas

Salt and Pepper


I like to make my own chicken broth. All you do is put the chicken breasts in a medium size saucepan/kettle, and add 2 cups of water and salt. Let it boil for about 10 minutes.

While you’re waiting for the chicken, simmer the potatoes and carrots in the butter. I prefer to make my soup in a dutch oven, but you can use really any kettle. When they’re a little tender, add strained chicken broth to veggies. You will want to use a very fine strainer for the broth, so you get as much of the white floaty stuff out of it.

Add all the seasonings to the broth- just add them to taste. I never measure seasonings… sorry! Let boil till the potatoes and carrots are tender. Then, add the milk or cream. When that’s heated through, add the frozen peas and chicken, torn into bite sizes. You don’t want to boil this, because the milk will curdle. Just set it on low heat until you think it’s done.

This is such a delicious soup. I make it a few times a month- when it’s chilly outside. It’s the perfect soup- so comforting and goes great with a nice Cabernet!


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