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The barn

The barn


*Our red barn. It was brown a short time ago, but we put a lot of work into it last summer. Looks so much better!



The cows at sunset

The cows at sunset


We take pride in our land- our country. We have a beautiful place of property in the Western Mountains of Maine. We don’t quite live off from this place, but a lot of what we eat comes from here. My hubby puts a lot of work into our farm, our vegetable garden, the barn, the house and the animals, so we can have a good life.

I am not the one that does a lot of the work around here. You will mostly find me in the kitchen baking or cooking, doing the dishes, cleaning up the messes and such. I don’t even have a green thumb. BUT I love our place, and I love it more with each passing year, and I love doing more and more with each passing year. This blog is all about this family’s loves, likes and dislikes. Maybe a little bit of travelling here and there, and some bits of fashionista, but for the most part, we talk about animals, boys and life. This is what happens to us everyday.

I will share with you some stories of our animals, our boys, my hubby and myself. I will also be updating this site a few times a week, so be sure and check back in often. We always have something going on around here, so there’s much to share! Sit back, relax, browse through the pictures and have yourself a ball. I’m sure you will.

Life- it’s what makes us.

*My dear friend and cousin does photography and does a beautiful job! Quite a few of the pictures on my website were taken by her. Look her up-