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    True Stories

    Some Major Heartbreak

    ***Some graphic content***

    Have you all been seeing the news lately? My heart is so heavy with all of the abuse, rape, negligence, sexual molestation, endangerment, etc.. that children are exposed to these days. Say nothing about the murdering of them. We are hearing and seeing way too much of this. It’s everywhere. Mothers are no longer loving, caring and nurturing their children, but exposing them to horrific circumstances. Boyfriends/stepfathers are allowed to perform whatever sexual act on their children that they want, and mothers are also involved in it themselves. Regardless of the reason why, what is going on in their heads????? Not all of these mothers are on drugs or drunk out of their minds. Some of these mothers are just down-right out of their minds. For any mother to allow anyone on this earth to harm her child in ANY way, there is something majorly wrong.

    These mothers don’t have a love for their child the way that God instilled it in them. I just read an article the other day (why do I do this to myself) about a one year old baby girl- A ONE YEAR OLD- that was raped and stabbed multiple times all over her body, including the down-there parts. Her mother was in on this, along with her boyfriend. I just don’t understand this! Does anyone? Can anyone enlighten me a little? Just a little? Why would a mother partake in something like this? I understand that women get scared that their boyfriend, or whoever he is to her, will beat them or abuse them, if they don’t cooperate and such things like that. BUT, a mother will DIE before she lets anyone harm her child. She does NOT put herself first. EVER. 

    Then, Josh was watching the news this morning and said there was a guy going to prison because he had shaken his baby boy so hard that he died. This poor little baby had extreme brain swelling and broken bones all through his body!! Now, for any of you that don’t realize this, it takes a lot to break a baby’s bones, because they are flexible. They are growing at such a fast rate that this is how their bones are until they’re around 2 years of age. This father had to have done some pretty terrifying things to this precious baby in order for this to happen. Get this, though: He only gets nine year in prison for murdering his own son. NINE YEARS!!!!!!!

    He murdered an innocent, beautiful baby- his own son, and he only gets nine years in prison!! We are living in a society and a generation that no longer cares about murder. Nine years is a slap on the wrist for an atrocity of this nature. I have my own opinions and views on subjects like this, and I realize that not everyone is going to agree with me, but this man should get the electric chair for this. A life for a life. It doesn’t matter if it was premeditated, or if it was an instantaneous action. What matters is that he killed another human being. I just can’t even believe all of these people that are getting away with murder these days. It’s too easy for them. It’s too easy because people know that they will be able to get off fairly easy. You plead insanity, and you have it made.


    This is backwards. This is wrong. People are going to keep killing each other, and it’s just going to keep getting worse and worse because the consequences are too light.

    It’s no different than raising children. When one of my boys has been naughty, they have a consequence. It may be that they have to sit in a chair, get grounded or sit on their bed for a while. Or I might come up with a different consequence for them. It basically depends on the level of naughtiness as to the consequence. I do not neglect my children, starve them, use extreme physical force or anything of that nature. They need to know that in order for them to grow up and be good men someday, that they need direction, guidance and, of course, love. If I know that one of them has done something that is unacceptable, and I don’t do anything about it, they will not grow up to be very good men, and will always think that everyone owes them something. This is not showing them love, either.

    They need to know that there are consequences in life when we do something that’s unacceptable.

    The justice system is not doing this, though. The consequence for murdering an innocent baby, or anyone, is no longer harsh enough for anyone to learn from it. People don’t need to experience murdering someone and going through the consequence in order to know whether or not they’re going to do it again.


    They see what happens to other people, and know to stay far away from it. When my boys witness a consequence that one of their brothers has gotten for a wrong action, they do their best to stay golden, so they don’t receive the same. There needs to be an example to go by.

    As a mother of three young boys, I cannot even relate to these mothers that are allowing these horrific actions to take place with their children. If someone touched any of my children in an inappropriate way, I would come apart on them. I would turn into a possessed woman. The old “Mama Bear” would come flying out of me. This is how we’re supposed to be, though, moms. We aren’t supposed to put anyone before our children’s protection. We are there for one of these very reasons. Our children are innocent. They are naive. They need our love, nurture, protection, guidance and support. If we don’t do it, we cannot expect someone else to. If you feel as though you can’t provide this for your child, then please do the humble action of finding someone that can and will. Don’t put your child in danger for ANY reason. Give your child the chance to grow up living an innocent and nurtured life with someone that will provide this.

    The more a child is exposed to, the worse off they’re going to be as an adult. 

    God has given us mothers the incredible responsibility to do this for our children, and what an honorable responsibility this is. Life is not easy for us. It’s down-right difficult some days- a lot of days. I’m not saying that it’s all unicorns and rainbows. There’s a lot of screaming, pooping, inappropriate words, attitudes, stressful days and nights of zero sleep and exhaustion and so on and so forth. It’s incredibly hard, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. BUT, they are OUR children. They grew inside of OUR bodies. They were once a part of US. As hard as the days may be- as terrible as the days may be- it’s up to us to be selfless and love them. Raise them knowing that we love them and would do anything to make sure they are always taken care of properly.

    In closing, be a good mom today. Love your children. Kiss them. Hug them tight. Even if they’re screaming. Even if they’re showing some attitude. Our children have bad days just like we do. Raise them with responsibility and consciousness. Do your best and if you need help, find a friend, call a doctor, call your mom. Find the help you need to be a good mom. Focus on the good and not the bad.

    Be humble.

    Even the best of moms, if that really exists, have their tremendously hard days. It’s okay. We’re human and God knows this. He’s there for us, no matter what we’re going through. Always look to Him. He will help in time of need.

    I hope this post hasn’t been too disturbing for any of you! I have just been so irate about this issue that I needed to put it out there and see what you all thought. Comment below and join in on the conversation. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this matter! If you’d like to know more about the blog, type your email in, under the menu option “Subscribe”, on the right-side of the menu bar, on any of the top menu options.

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