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Just One of Those Days

    Just One of Those Days

    It’s Wednesday… We could all use a good chuckle.

    I’m here to tell  you that I have been a bit ignorant about how WiFi  works…………….

    This is how I found out about this whole WiFi thing: It was last night- Josh needed to print a voucher off from the internet. We were upstairs and he said, “Ya know, we have high speed internet, so we should be able to get the internet on the computer.”

    I. just. looked. at. him.

    Me: “You’ve got to be kidding. You mean to tell me that I’ve gone five months without the computer, when I didn’t even need to?”

    He chuckled.

    Me again: “I’m going to slap you, if this works.”

    Sure enough. It worked.

    No, I didn’t slap him. (I love him too much)

    I was too busy thinking about all of the things I needed to catch up on, now that I had actual internet access again and not this tiny screen on my iPhone.

    I could’ve been writing for Guru. I could’ve been doing school work. I could’ve been keeping up on my blog, and on and on it goes!


    Obviously, God had a plan for my stupidity and didn’t want me to be doing all of this during our summer. He knows better than I do anyway.

    Now, my computer is set up on my very low coffee table, in our bedroom, among all sorts of boxes- filled with photographs, games, books, baskets, etc, etc, etc… because there’s no other place for this stuff right now. I am currently sitting on our bedroom floor, with a pillow under my butt, so maybe THAT won’t go numb, even if my legs do. Still, this is glorious to me!

    I have so much to tell you about! So much has transpired since April, between the home renovations to summer time to vacation and beyond. I will do my very best to catch you up, but bear with me- it may take a bit, as I have so many other things to get done on here, as well.

    Thank you to my readers who have stuck with me!! God bless your Wednesday!



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